Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Abon is the man! I’ve been his patient for about a month and I’ve never felt better. I was living with shoulder pain for 13 yrs! Enough was enough and I’m so thrilled I found Magnolia. Great job Dr. Abon!"

- Kim K.

"I was a bit nervous and skeptical but in enough pain to try it. On my first couple of visits, I had to be driven by my son because I was in so much pain. Now, after only three weeks, I'm back at the gym and my pain level has decreased SO MUCH!! Dr. Abon is kind and thorough and his rates are very very reasonable!"

- Tracy E.

"Magnifico servicio. onestos, precisos, confiables y profecionales. Visitenlos no se arrepentiran. / An honest, trustworthy, professional place. I recommend them. They work for you."

- Raul M.

"Very knowledgeable and helpful with adjustments."

- Sean C.

"I have so many issues with my body as a result of physical challenges from a very young age as well as multiple and severe injuries as well as Eller's-Danlos Syndrome. I have traveled much of my life and literally worked with chiropractors around the world. Dr. Tino is so knowledgeable as well as really personable and truly listens vs. just being like an automated system like so many places I have tried. Plus, Brandon is also so nice and friendly. Being treated like I matter as a human being and not just as a customer makes SUCH a difference in the treatment! As someone who has tried A LOT of chiropractors, I can not recommend Magnolia Chiropractic highly enough. Give this place a try. You will be SO glad you did!"

- Jules S.

"Dr. Tino Abon is a magnificent chiropractor who knows what he is doing and makes you feel comfortable with his job, and not only that, it is very affordable. / el doctor Tino es muy buen quiropratico no solo ese cuando vas te hacen sentir comfiable y es de muy buen presupuesto."

- Lily A.

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